New 800 million Web Stories fans

Written by Anita | October 18, 2020

" We are bringing visual and immersive Web Stories to Discover, part of the Google app on Android and iOS and used by more than 800 million people each month."

Vamsee Jasti, Web Stories Product Manager at Google

This new "Stories" carousel section is shown in the top results of Discover. This section is currently available in the US, Brazil, and India.

However, Web Stories are shown in regular search results as well. If you search the keyword "Forbes", this is what you'll see.

Also, some Web Stories started to rank in the top 10 results or the first page on Google Search. Try searching "Seeker pigeon drone fight" or click below, to preview the above article ranking as #1 result for that keyword.

Web Stories are gaining popularity because they are more engaging and the creators are in charge of monetization and design.

Currently, a lot of brands like Forbes, CNN, and VICE are using this format. Many others are joining as well and treating Web Stories as their new acquisition channel.

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